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Honey, They Shrunk The Miquelrius: The Miniature Moleskine

July 3rd, 2007 · 12 Comments · alternative to moleskine, black, black book, black notebook, blank book, cahier, hardcover, journal, mini journal, miquelrius, moleskine, moleskine notebook, notebook, perfect notebook

Hello there.

Some time ago, we reviewed Miquelrius’s soft-cover black notebook, which we criticized as being “about 3/4 of an inch too annoying to carry around in a standard pocket.” Let’s just say that that problem is fully solved with their latest black notebook ($5 – Kali Gift Bag), which clocks in at a diminutive 2.75″ x 4.75″ (standard Moleskine is about 3.5″ x 5.5″). I’ve said since the beginning of this blog that smaller size increases portability. The real question here is: how small do you want your notebook?

This is notebook is from Miquelrius’s Flexible Notebook line, and idea seems to be to make it as small and portable as possible. This is the type of notebook you can shove in your back pocket and NEVER know it’s there. It’s small, incredibly thin, flexible, and ultimately, very unnoticeable.

The cover is almost identical to The Book Factory’s Pocket Blank Book – “imitation leather,” with a very rubbery feel to it. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this material – it’s feels weird to grip, and your fingernails invariably leave marks on it just trying to remove the elastic band.

Speaking of the elastic band, this notebook has one, and like everything else, it’s miniature. In fact, it’s so thin that I wouldn’t surprised if it broke within a week of heavy notebook use (but this has yet to be seen). Of all the things to shrink, this is the one element that should’ve been left normal-sized.

The notebook has 64 ruled pages, and herein lies the perplexing issue: though everything about this notebook is tiny, the line spacing is actually quite large! Each page has about 14 lines on it, which to me defeats the purpose of using this for anything other than grocery lists. It’s bizarre – you expect nice, tight lines only to find wide-ruled pages.

At the back of the notebook is the old reliable pocket folder, which the other Miquelrius we reviewed did not have. This is strange, as the pocket is PERFECTLY integrated into flexible nature of the notebook (unlike, say, the Moleskine soft cover planner, in which the rigid pocket inhibits its overall flexibility).

All said, this notebook is what is: a miniature soft cover black notebook. For me, it’s too small, and you don’t feel like you have space to write serious ideas (and given the wide lines, those pages fill up very quickly). At best, it’s a handy little notebook to jot phone numbers and addresses in. But as a Moleskine replacement, it needs to grow a bit.

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Where to buy: Kali Gift Bag ($5)