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Will the Stifflexible Rise From The Grave?

July 9th, 2007 · 16 Comments · alternative to moleskine, black book, black notebook, blank book, cahier, hardcover, journal, Mazzuoli, mini journal, moleskine, moleskine notebook, molskine notebook, notebook, perfect notebook

Hello there.

Some time ago, I reviewed what I consider to be the absolute best little black notebook I’ve come across: Mazzuoli’s Stifflexible journal. The Moleskine-esque cover has two creases that allow it to be folded back, giving the notebook all the benefits of a soft cover while retaining the attributes of a hard cover.

Stifflexible compared to a Moleskine

This notebook is hands down superior to the Moleskine, from size and design to quality (actually Made in Italy – Moleskine, I’m looking in your direction), and I’m quite upset at the fact that the three I own are probably the last in existence (short of going to Italy and combing stationery stores for any surplus left over from 1997). I wrote my review about the Stifflexible to put the word out to those searching for a better Moleskine that an alternative most definitely exists…or, did exist. But I figured the Stifflexible was gone for good.

Much to my surprise, word got back to the Mazzuoli company, and I received this comment to my post:

“I am happy that you appreciate our products. Let’s play a game. We produce the Stifflexible notebooks and for us to make them with the black cover is easy as snapping our fingers. Our product is entirely made in Italy and not in China like our BIG competitor. Who will help us find a distributor for the US market? Please note that our Stifflexible notebook/agenda book is the best selling agenda book at the MoMA Store in New York City (10,000 units a year). Who will help us find a distributor?”

I received a similar e-mail from the company directly, confirming its legitimacy. Before posting this, I wrote a few friends for advice but have ultimately have hit a brick wall. So how about it? Anyone have advice for getting this amazing notebook onto US shelves? I’m sure a finder’s fee would be agreeable to whoever could help out. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, drop me an email at Let’s bring this notebook back from the dead.

And if you’d like to take a moment to write a short e-mail to Mazzuoli expressing your interest in the Stifflexible, drop them a line at

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Company website: LINK
Where to buy: Currently unavailable…but you could change that!